About Us

Welcome to Continuous Care

Care giving is a specialised action coming straight from the heart. It requires a whole lot of love and help with their needs. Continuous Care recognises this and treats it as a matter of pride to provide the special care required to its special participants.

Founded by Saciid Ismail in 2017, Continuous Care is registered service provider providing a whole range of services to make the life of its participants and their families easier. From home care to community services, assisted living, house care, nursing, over night care, services and long-term care for individuals of all ages, Continuous Care provides the services 24/7 at very affordable prices.


Continuous Care

Support coordination

Assisting participants and families understand and connect with the external agency to help with achieving goals.

Therapeutic Supports

Continuous Care provides all kinds of Therapeutic Support for children and adults with disability or development delays.

Community Nursing Care

Continuous Care has nurses who are trained in a whole range of community nursing care. From neonatal to specialised adult care